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CITER Webinar - "Biofilms in Health and Disease"

30 June 2020

The first CITER virtual research webinar took place in the afternoon on 24 June and the theme was "Biofilms in Health and Disease". The three hour webinar was open outside of Cardiff University and represented an opportunity to hear about the latest developments in the areas of lung, wound and oral biofilms, antimicrobial resistance and the immune responses to biofilms on medical devices.

“Thank you so much for this wonderful webinar. It was very much explanatory and enlightening".

Webinar attendee

The Programme included four biofilm experts including Dr. Freya Harrison (University of Warwick), Dr. Angela Nobbs (University of Bristol), Dr. Mark Webber (Quadram Institute Bioscience) and Regents Professor Phil Stewart (Montana State University) who each provided a comprehensive overview in their respective research area. The four areas of biofilms research included biofilms involved in lung, wound and dental infections, the evolutions of antimicrobial resistance and the effect of innate immune response to bacteria.

This webinar had a truly international audience that took the effort to attend the event, regardless of the several time zone differences compared to British Standard Time. Positively four hundred and ninety attendees from thirty nine countries took part in the webinar whose questions were answered during the Q&A session by the experts.

".......thanks to all the speakers who explained their hard work in a really simpler format”.

Webinar attendee

CITER would like to thank all the participants including the speakers, the attendees, the webinar Chair (Dr. Barbara Szomolay), the IT Support (Nick Brown) and the CITER members who took part in the webinar testings. We hope this will serve as a blueprint for upcoming CITER events should they be in virtual format.

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