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The perks of learning Chinese online

1 May 2020

Online Mandarin learning with the Confucius Institute

Cardiff Confucius Institute tutors quickly made the switch from face to face to online teaching both in local schools and at Cardiff University.

The aim was to make sure students and teachers were able to continue their studies in a virtual environment and keep up with their learning whilst remaining safe at home.

For students

School tutors have been teaching GCSE, YCT and general Mandarin to their pupils utilising a variety of software, programmes and resources such as Google Classroom, Quizlet and Edpuzzle.

Students on Languages for All and part-time courses for members of the public have also been learning via the ‘Blackboard Ultra’ virtual classroom. Participants say it has been particularly useful in interacting with teachers and fellow students, as well as allow them to gain new knowledge from shared online documents and take their final tests.

Neuroscience student Sophie Middlehurst says “I actually prefer the online learning style. It is the best way to learn for now, especially with pre-recorded sessions, it is guaranteed that all students would have access to the courses.”

French exchange student Celia Bourhis added: “Even though I prefer face to face teaching, I’ve found online teaching to be helpful. I really like the functions of the whiteboard from the virtual classroom, from which I am able to see extra notes and explanations for Chinese characters.”

Cardiff University will also deliver their Summer Language Courses for the general public online.

For school teachers

On 13 May, we started our online Mandarin for Teachers courses. The classes are delivered via Zoom, and give teachers who have already been studying the language an opportunity to keep learning. The participants are from different schools, so it is also a nice opportunity to socialise with others.

The Mandarin for Beginners (Beginners 1) online courses will begin after half term.

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