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Public Service Television Inquiry announces Cardiff event

11 March 2016

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Welsh audiences to feed in to national Inquiry led by Lord Puttnam

Welsh audiences will have the opportunity to feed in to the ‘Future for Public Service Television Inquiry’ when the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies hosts a special panel event this April.

The Inquiry, led by Lord Puttnam, has been set up to examine the roles and responsibilities of British television in a digital world and to make recommendations on how television can foster a more creative and robust public culture in the 21st century.

Sian Powell, who will chair the panel and is a lecturer and researcher at the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, said: “Public service television plays a crucial role in Wales’ media landscape, so I am glad it has been recognised that regional voices and opinions need to be represented at the inquiry.

“As practitioners and academics we work daily to understand the present and future repercussions of technological and financial change in the media.

“As such we are well placed to host this event and look forward to welcoming Wales’ businesspeople, academics, journalists, media consumers and our notable panel to consider the purpose and place of public service television today.”

Attendees will be able to express their views after hearing the opinions of the event’s media industry panellists who will be:

  • Angharad Mair (BAFTA Wales and Tinopolis)
  • Huw Jones (Chair, S4C)
  • Ian MacKenzie (Head of Nations and Regions, Channel 4)
  • Angela Graham (Institute of Welsh Affairs)
  • Rhys Evans (Head of Strategy and Digital at BBC Wales)
  • Chaired by Sian Powell (Cardiff University)

Professor Des Freedman, Project Lead for the Inquiry at Goldsmiths University, said: “It is extremely important that Welsh voices should be heard and reflected in this wide-ranging review of public service television. 

“This event, with its distinguished panel of speakers and participation from the audience, will make a significant contribution to our research and findings.”

This event will take place at 6.00pm on Wednesday 6th April at Cardiff University. Attendees must register to attend.

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