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Cardiff Confucius Institute provides cultural training at Deloitte

1 April 2020

Chinese New Year at Deloitte

Staff at one of the ‘Big Four’ worldwide accounting firms, Deloitte, attended  a special workshop on Chinese culture  earlier this year.

This is Cardiff Confucius Institute’s second year working with the organisation, and the session was intended to give those interested in developing business opportunities with Chinese customers an insight into the country’s culture.

Through a fun yet informative introduction to Chinese New Year, participants were able to take part in making lanterns, a tradition thought to scare away the ‘Nian monster’ and represent a wish for a bright future. The activity was an opportunity for staff to experience a traditional ‘lantern festival’, marking the last day of celebrations, as well as take a break from their busy working days. Deloitte members were also treated to a tea ceremony, an Eastern tradition symbolizing purity, tranquillity, respect and harmony.

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