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Cardiff’s maritime history gives food for thought

25 January 2016

Dr Stephanie Ward
Dr Stephanie Ward

A Cardiff historian shared her expertise on the history of the Welsh capital for BBC Radio Four’s The Food Programme.

Senior Lecturer in Modern Welsh History Dr Stephanie Ward contributed to Cardiff: The Story of a City Through Its Food where she set the context to Cardiff's mix of cuisines, describing the city's history and exploring the development of the docks and the Tiger Bay area.

Dr Ward explained: "In the late nineteenth century Cardiff attracted immigrants from across the Globe. My contribution to this programme reflected upon how this ethnically diverse population influenced and shaped the cuisine of the city".

Cardiff: The Story of a City Through Its Food originally aired on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 24 January at 12.30pm. You can listen again on BBC Iplayer. Dr Ward features from approximately seven minutes in to the programme.

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