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Prestigious Honorary fellowship and visiting professorship awarded to Prof. Angela Casini

11 January 2016

Angela Casini

Prof. Angela Casini, Chair of Medicinal and Bioinorganic Chemistry, has been awarded the prestigious August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professorship at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) for the year 2016.

Named after Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer, a renowned pioneer in the field of Computer Science, this Visiting Professorship is awarded to scientists with an outstanding international reputation who wish to engage in an intensive collaboration with TUM researchers. Within the framework of TUM’s strategy the August-Wilhelm Scheer Program has a main objective to facilitate new and innovative approaches in cutting-edge research fields and supports complementary research-orientated teaching.

This award recognizes the excellence and impact of Prof. Casini’s work in the field of Inorganic Chemistry with applications in Biological Chemistry and Medicine, and the establishment of a strategic partnership between her group at Cardiff University and TUM.

Notably, within this program, Prof. Angela Casini has also been appointed Honorary Fellow" of the prestigious Institute for Advanced Study of TUM (IAS-TUM). The Fellows of the IAS-TUM include both the senior- and early career-level scientists, from within the TUM and around the world, from academia as well as from industry. Together, the IAS Fellows form an elite community that leaves the door open for future intellectual and scientific exchange.

Professor Rudolf Allemann, Head of the School of Chemistry, said: ”It is excellent news that Prof. Casini has been recognized with these awards and they are clear testament to her pioneering research and commitment to international collaboration. This is just the latest example from the School, demonstrating the extent of our global recognition and the wide ranging impact of our research.”

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