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Introducing the new Community Gateway Volunteer Group

27 February 2020

The Community Gateway Volunteers Group

Our volunteers are always eager to help the team out, and they’ll be running their first bake sale in Bute Building on the 3rd of March from 10am!

This academic year, Community Gateway’s student ambassadors Josephine and Andrea made a plan to increase the number of students volunteering with Community Gateway. Through promoting the organization at the Freshers Fair, along with speaking to students at events in both Grangetown and around the University, there are now a total of seven students involved in the project which work with the team regularly, and are the first more ‘permanent’ group of volunteers stemming from the University.

The main goals of the volunteer group for 2020 are to help raise additional funds for the Grange Pavilion through various fundraising activities such as organizing a bake sale, completing a 5k/10k run, and helping out with bag packing at local supermarkets. Furthermore, the groups aims to help out during the opening day of the Grange Pavilion, the 30th of April, and come up with fun activities to do at the Launch.

Typically, the group meet once every two weeks, and last week Josephine was kind enough to host a lovely brunch at her house for the group. The agenda for the morning was crepes, Vegan French toast, fresh fruit and planning the bake sale, which will be taking place on the 3rd of March in Bute Building.

We’re very thankful for their help and are excited to see what additional activities they have in store for the following months!

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