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Harnessing the power of biological catalysts

20 February 2020

Research from the Catalysis Institute on environmentally friendly production of materials is highlighted in Advances Wales

Advances Wales, which showcases the showcasing the latest news, research and developments in science, technology and engineering in Wales have highlighted the work from the catalysis institute in the environmentally friendly production of materials by unlocking the catalytic ability of enzymes.

The work, led by Prof. Graham Hutchings FRS has demonstrated the ability to generate a steady stream of in-situ hydrogen peroxide under relatively benign conditions, allowing its use with fungi-derived enzymes in the same reaction vessel.  The gold-palladium catalyst utilised in this work delivers the correct amount of peroxide to the enzyme allowing it to drive transformations which have typically required much harsher conditions.

The work is a significant step in the utilisation of enzymes in the manufacture of a range of molecules in an efficient and greener way.

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