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CPD Unit receive 13 Compliance Plus awards in Customer Service Excellence® assessments

24 January 2020

CPD Team Cardiff University
Cardiff University's CPD team

We are delighted to announce that we have retained our Customer Service Excellence Standard®, this year gaining 13 Compliance Plus awards, up from 5 at our last assessment.

Comprising of 57 elements, the Customer Service Excellence Standard® is a comprehensive assessment; to achieve it requires a whole-team commitment to delivering excellent customer service and embracing continuous improvement.

The Full Assessment Review involved a desk-based assessment of prior submitted evidence, plus a full day of interviews with the team as well as with a group of customers and partners. The external assessor, Anthony Lishman, focused his questions around the five key topic areas within the Standard: ‘Customer Insight’, ‘The Culture of the Organisation’, ‘Information and Access’, ‘Delivery’, and ‘Timeliness and Quality of Service’.

The CPD Unit have built robust relationships across the University and externally within the business community with a number of customers and partners commenting on the professional attitude of the team and in particular the way they deal with difficult and challenging situations. Some partners pointed to the 'can-do' attitude of the team and their creativity and flexibility as a reason why they continue to work with this.

Anthony Lishman, CSE Assessor for Assessment Services Ltd

The Customer Service Excellence Standard®, backed by the Cabinet Office, recognises organisations that truly put their customers at the heart of what they do. The CPD Unit has found the framework to be extremely useful in identifying areas of success as well as gaps in service provision. Through sharing best practice with other departments across Cardiff University, and externally, the CPD Unit has been able to improve its service provision year on year.

We are particularly delighted with the number of Compliance Plus standards that we have achieved this year, including for areas such as our marketing strategy and implementation, our relationships with stakeholders and customers, and our values and behaviours standards. A Compliance Plus is awarded where the team is considered to be achieving over and above the required standard.

What's next?

We're continuing to build on our successes, and we're always interested in hearing your views - if you have any suggestions or comments about our service, please feel free to send us feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

The CPD Unit have sophisticated systems in place to ensure that the right person deals with customer requests and queries and they go out of their way to find the right expertise across the University to satisfy the need of customers.

Anthony Lishman, CSE Assessor for Assessment Services Ltd

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