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'Fair Saturday' will explore sustainable design ideas for Grange Gardens

18 November 2019

Fair Saturday
Local community will design a sustainable Grange Gardens

On Saturday 30th November 'Fair Saturday' will take place at Grangetown Hub to put plans in place for the new Grange Pavilion Gardens.

Fair Saturday is a global movement founded in Bilboa that celebrates the power of the arts, culture and heritage to change the world and create a more just society. Fair Saturday is a day to showcase what can be achieved and built by working together and claims the essential power of culture and empathy to create and celebrate the world we want to live in.

To help to promote and celebrate Fair Saturday 2019 The Welsh School of Architecture, Community Gateway, the Grange Pavilion Project and Creative Cardiff will be joining the local community of Grangetown for a morning of designing. The groups hope to explore sustainable design ideas for all kinds of human and non-human life in the gardens. Through this co-designing session using full-scale prototyping of Grange Gardens, the team also hopes to find out more about synergetic landscapes, circular economies, and cultural eco-systems.

The event is free for all and open to adults and children who are welcome to drop in anytime between 10am to 1pm to plan the long-term future of a Grangetown community landscape for all kinds of life

Further information can be found on the EventBrite page

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