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Pan Wales Language network appoints new director

6 November 2019

Dr Liz Wren-Owens has been appointed as the new Academic Director for the collaborative outreach project, Routes into Languages Cymru.

Dr Wren-Owens began her three-year tenure in September 2019 and takes over from her School of Modern Languages colleague, Dr Claire Gorrara, who held the position from 2014.

Routes into Languages Cymru aims to increase and promote the visibility, uptake and profile of modern languages in Wales

Dr Wren-Owen will provide strategic leadership for Routes into Languages Cymru, ensuring that Welsh and UK language policy makers are connected with networks of stakeholders. She will support the work of two project coordinators based in Cardiff and Bangor, represent the network in appropriate forums and act as an ambassador

Dr Wren-Owens, who has worked at the School of Modern Languages for 12 years, described what attracted her to the role of Academic Director, “Routes into Languages Cymru does an incredibly important job of promoting languages to young people. It helps to spread the message that languages open doors to adventures and to career opportunities. Languages offer the chance to meet new people, visit new places, and get involved with new communities.”

“Languages can provide young people with the tools to succeed in all kinds of exciting professions, and to take part in so many enriching experiences.”

Dr Wren-Owens is keen to build upon the range of successful initiatives that Routes into Languages Cymru has put into place, which include the Superheroes Programme, Language Ambassadors, A Level Masterclasses and the Spelling Bee. Her aim is to help languages become a more constant presence in schools, through teaching and enrichment activities.

“I’m keen to develop a languages pack that we can offer all primary schools. The pack will have all kinds of resources ready for teachers. We hope to support Welsh Government’s pledge for primary schools to offer languages from year 5 – a vision we think is very progressive and will help Wales and its citizens fulfil their international aspirations and potential.”

Dr Wren-Owens will continue to work in her role as Director of Teaching and Learning at the School of Modern Languages.

Further information on the work of Routes into Languages Cymru can be found on their website.

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