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Expert advice on mental health services

4 December 2015

Happy mother and daughter talking with a social worker

Residents of a Cardiff community seeking information about mental health services can meet experts face-to-face as part of a University project

Mental Health and Wellbeing Day takes place in the Grange Bowls Pavilion in Grangetown on 7 December in response to ideas generated by community representatives.

The event will tell people more about the mental health and wellbeing services available and what to expect if affected.

It is part of the University’s Community Gateway engagement project which is building a long-term partnership with residents in Grangetown to make the area an even better place to live.

Alicia Stringfellow and Gemma Stacey-Emile, lecturers from the School of Healthcare Sciences, teamed up with Community Gateway for the event, which features mental health service providers such as Hafal, Nexus, Sefyll and Solace.

Ms Stacey-Emile said: “The purpose is to offer an informal event whereby members of the community feel safe to engage and ask questions for themselves or others in relation to mental health and wellbeing in an informal local environment.  

“We have liaised with a cross section of providers for mental health covering all specialities which include statutory and non-statutory/third sector organisations so we have maintained our objectivity and inclusiveness.”

Ms Stringfellow added: “We hope that following the event community members feel enlightened and empowered about what choices they have over their own and others’ mental health and wellbeing when accessing help and support.”

It is hoped that Mental Health and Wellbeing Day could become an annual event that evolves depending upon the needs of the community.   

Community Gateway is one of the University's five flagship engagement projects, otherwise known as its Transforming Communities programme.

The University is working with Welsh Government and communities in Cardiff, Wales and beyond in areas including health, education and wellbeing.

This includes supporting Cardiff city-region, connecting communities through hyperlocal websites, building community engagement models and helping reduce poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.