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Super Science Saturday

29 October 2019

To celebrate Earth Science and Biology Week 2019 the National Museum Cardiff scientists teamed up with scientists from Cardiff University to bring the public a fantastic day full of interesting things to discover and do.

On Saturday 12th October 2019 the Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) faculty and students set up an Operating Theatre in the Clore Discovery Room of the National Museum in Cardiff. As well as being able to see what it’s like just before a patient has surgery, visitors had the chance to try their hand at skills that ODPs, surgeons and anaesthetists use every single day within the operating theatre and hospital environment.

Visitors were challenged to intubate a patient themselves using a video-laryngoscope system. Then they were offered a chocolate, but with one catch, they had to open the wrapper using the laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery trainers.

The public also got the chance to see their own body in action as the team used an ultrasound machine to take a look at the blood vessels in their arms to help them to learn the difference between arteries and veins.

Craig Griffiths, Lecturer for Operating Department Practice said ‘It’s such a great opportunity to be able to offer an insight into the life of an Operating Department Practitioner and show off some of our unique facilities. It’s also a good way for our students to get involved with public engagement activities as part of their studies.’

Emma Roberts, Operating Department Practice Student said 'It’s great as a student to be able to teach members of the public, particularly young children about what we do, I didn’t grow up knowing what an ODP was but maybe some of those children will which is great for our profession!'

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