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Creating safer communities

25 November 2015

Grange Gardens

Emergency services are taking to the streets of a Cardiff suburb for an action-packed week of activities aimed at making people safer in their community

Safety Week, which runs from 30 November to 4 December in Grangetown, features themes such as road safety, health, fire safety and Neighbourhood Watch, in direct response to ideas generated by Grangetown representatives.

The event has been organised through a collaboration between Grangetown Community Action and Cardiff University.

It is part of a University project called Community Gateway which is building a long-term partnership with residents in Grangetown to make the area an even better place to live.

South Wales Police, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Cardiff Youth Service, Cardiff Council, Cycle Training Wales, Halfords, St John Cymru-Wales, Age Cymru, Cardiff City Football Club Foundation, local councilors and Student Volunteering Cardiff are among those taking part.

Lynne Thomas, Community Gateway project manager, said: “Cardiff University takes its community role extremely seriously and we’re proud to be working so closely with the people of Grangetown.

“Residents have consistently stressed the importance of community safety so I’m delighted so many people and organisations have worked together to provide such a varied and engaging series of activities.

“I’m sure it’s going to be an extremely successful week which will fulfil its aim of creating an even safer and more secure environment for Grangetown’s residents.”

Ali Abdi, Community Gateway partnerships manager, said: "I am thrilled that we have an action-packed Safety Week taking place in Grangetown which will also see a number of activities running from the Grange Gardens Bowls Pavilion - a space in the community for everyone which will see lots more events and regular activities take place over the coming year.”

Ashley Lister, Secretary of Grangetown Community Action, said this was a great opportunity to showcase “all the fantastic work which is carried out in Grangetown by all those involved to improve the quality of life for residents, particularly with concerns around safety”.

He added: "Grangetown Community Action is committed to working with residents on projects which they feel will make an impact in Grangetown. Safety Week is just one of those projects where a need has been identified and we've worked with our partners at Community Gateway and the emergency services, as well as other organisations, to fulfil that need.”

Police and fire officers will be carrying out door-to-door home visits to advise on safety and help ensure people are as safe as possible in their community.

The fire service will also be making school visits during the week, while police officers will host a community engagement event on the Monday evening.

Other activities include first aid training with St John Cymru-Wales, councillor street surgeries, Neighbourhood Watch information sessions, bicycle maintenance and proficiency sessions, football skills with the Cardiff City Football Club Foundation, a school poster competition and a youth bus visiting St Fagans Street.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Station Manager Steve Richards said fire service staff would be at the event all week covering issues such as road safety, fire crime unit patrols, water safety awareness and home fire safety.

Inspector Tony Williams from South Wales Police said police would be showcasing examples of work being done in the area to create a safe environment.

Community Gateway is one of the University's five flagship engagement projects, otherwise known as its Transforming Communities programme.

The University is working with Welsh Government and communities in Cardiff, Wales and beyond in areas including health, education and wellbeing.

This includes supporting Cardiff city-region, connecting communities through hyperlocal websites, building community engagement models and helping reduce poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.