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UK-Czech diplomatic relations at 100

9 October 2019

Czechoslovakia, the state that failed book cover
Cover of Czechoslovakia: The State That Failed

Cardiff Historian invited to address international event in Czech Republic

Professor of Modern History Mary Heimann is to share her perspectives of the history of relations between the two countries in a one-day conference on 2 Oct organised by the British Embassy in Prague to mark the historic centenary of the creation of the Czechoslovak state.

Historical symposium of 100 of years Czech-British diplomatic relations, held at Charles University in Prague, comes ahead of Generation’89, an event to be held at the Temple of Peace in November 2019 marking thirty years since the Velvet Revolution which overturned Communist rule in Czechoslovakia.

The international event brings together Czech and British historians to discuss the past 100 years of Czech-UK relations including Professor Mark Cornwall, Professor Celia Donert and Dr Peter Neville. Opening the conference is the Rector of Charles University Professor Zima and the British Ambassador Mr Nick Archer.

The author of the landmark book Czechoslovakia The State that Failed will speak on the Cold War period in her talk Czech Communism through British Eyes, 1948-1989. In May 2018 Professor Heimann organised Czechoslovakia100, an international event marking the centenary of the creation of the state.

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