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Chemistry Week is approaching and the School of Chemistry is getting involved

13 November 2015

Research Lab

BBC Radio Wales Science Café on 10 November focused on previewing Chemistry Week, with details of a major survey into the public's attitude towards chemistry, chemists and chemicals. The programme highlighted some of the latest chemistry research in Welsh universities. Professor Rudolf Allemann, Head of the School of Chemistry in Cardiff, talked about recent work exploring a new method to map enzyme activity, explaining the potential impact of his investigations for industrial applications of biocatalysts and drug discovery.

Science Café also interviewed Dominic McDonald, outreach programme manager for the Royal Society of Chemistry. He described some of the main findings of the first in depth study of the public's view of chemistry, which was published earlier this year. There was also details of the work of the RSC from Delwen de Jong, one of their education programme managers, who also previewed some of the events for Chemistry Week, including the chemistry of fuels which takes place at Toyota in Deeside as part of the Wales Rally GB. Listen to the Science Café programme .

In Cardiff the School of Chemistry will be hosting the RSC Chemistry Week event, Chemistry in health. It is targeted towards pupils studying Chemistry and Biology, who may not be sure of their future options. It will be an opportunity to visit the School of Chemistry and see some of the many ways that these subjects work together. The emphasis will be on health, and pupils can meet scientists who work at the chemistry/biology interface, discovering what they do through a series of presentations and hands-on workshops.

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