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Grangetown artists sketch portraits of local residents

20 August 2019

Grangetown artists Jane Hubbard and Paul Edwards capturing portraits of local residents

Grangetown artists Jane Hubbard and Paul Edwards have been drawing residents, community workers, pharmacists, construction workers and PCSOs and passers-by in Grange Gardens.

People were invited to sit for 15 minutes while one of the two artists captured their likeness. “It was great to get a chance to meet people” said Jane. Although a few people appeared too shy, those who agreed to being drawn seemed to enjoy it. “I was impressed by how people sat so still, they took it very seriously.” said Paul.

The subjects will be given their original portrait once it’s been scanned. Prints of all the pictures will go up on the Grange Pavilion hoardings alongside spray art designs completed last week by young people under the guidance of Cardiff's Amelia Unity and Kyle Legall.

The project was organised by Grangetown resident and artist Deborah Jones who said:

"I was inspired to start this project so that I could keep conversations going about the future of the pavilion, and celebrate the wealth of individuals and characters we have in our neighbourhood. The pictures are also a collective portrait of who the new pavilion is for and who is building it - it is a representation of the community coming together"

The portraits will be placed on the hoardings around the Grange Pavilion during the rebuild and will be available for viewing in the next few weeks.

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