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Is politics your passion?

14 August 2019

Simba graduating
Simba Chabarika graduated from the School of Law and Politics in 2019.

Knowledge is power. Equip yourself with the knowledge to understand Welsh, UK and international politics and relations in our rapidly changing world. Cardiff University provides a pathway to an undergraduate degree in international relations and politics for people who have a passion this subject but never had the opportunity to forge a career in this field.

This pathway is equivalent to 50% of the first year of a degree and is intended to provide students with the skills needed to study the degree in international relations and politics at Cardiff University.

Students engage with contemporary politics and are given the opportunity to reflect on life-changing political decisions as they happen.  For example, last year’s students met at the Senedd to discuss Brexit.  Course tutor Dr Craig Gurney commented:

“Our trip to The Senedd, the home of the Welsh Government was very popular.  The course makes extensive reference to debates around the passing of laws here so it was a great opportunity for students to view the chamber where the Bills are debated before becoming Acts.  Part of the assessment of learning in the module was an "Andrew Marr-style" review of the morning's newspapers.  I chose the day after Brexit was originally due to take place, as I knew that there would be plenty of material that could be discussed!”

As part of the pathway, students also study modules including: Introduction to International Relations, The English Legal System and European Law and 1989: a Pivotal Year for Europe which provides a firm knowledge base to progress on to a degree.

The pathway students are our best advocates:

“Studying on this pathway has opened so many doors for me because Cardiff is such a renowned university. The pathway has helped me to improve my knowledge and atttending so many classes has helped me so much and I have gained a much better understanding of what I want to do and about what’s happening now with British politics. This course has helped me understand what’s happening here in Wales.  It’s given me a much better understanding of how to write to essays and has prepared me for future study.” - Nelson Amaral.

Review from Mario
Pathway review by Mario Barbantini Scanni

“The course painted a clear picture of devolution and how much of a big deal it is in Wales.  It also really helped me to engage in good discussions regarding Brexit which is a hot topic this year so I think it was a really good time to be studying this module.  I think this pathway is really engaging.” - Mario Barbantini Scanni.

Simba Chabarika graduated from the School of Law and Politics in 2019.  He started his degree after completing the Pathway.

“I am profoundly grateful to the pathway especially Jan Stephens for her advice, support and encouragement and of course the wonderful team of tutors who prepared us for what was to come in the degree course!”

The pathway course is a huge inspiration to those who want to further their education. I never thought I was capable of achieving such success until the course showed me my real potential!”

If you would like to study this Pathway then come along to our Open Day on Wednesday 11 September 12.00 to 14.00 and 17.00 to 19.00 to discuss this opportunity or contact Jan Stephens

Further information can also be found on our website

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