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Storytelling event launches the Grange Gardens Pavilion

3 November 2015

Storytelling Event

On Saturday 24th October 2015 Community Gateway, in association with the Grange Pavilion Project and Welsh School of Architecture students, held a storytelling event to celebrate the opening of the Grange Bowls Pavilion as a community hub for local residents.

The idea behind the event was to collect stories from local residents about Grangetown, past and present, and display them in song and print ‘shingles’ that were hung in a specially constructed booth for others to view and read.

The event was also used to gather ideas from local residents as to how they would like to use the pavilion in the next 12 months. These community-led ideas for the Pavilion and Green will be piloted through pop-up events, community workshops, and a wide variety of classes, training, network and information sharing sessions.

The pilot activities will then help the development of a business case for a potential Community Asset Transfer of the Pavilion from Cardiff Council to Grangetown communities, and a long term redevelopment of the Pavilion and Green

If you have any ideas as to how you would like to see the pavilion used in the next 12 months please contact the Community Gateway team: or follow our progress on Twitter: @CommunityGtwy

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