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John Goldman fellowship for future science awarded to Dr Fernando dos Anjos Afonso

29 October 2015

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Dr Fernando dos Anjos Afonso has been awarded the prestigious John Goldman Fellowship for Future Science by the leading leukaemia research charity Leuka.

His research project: ‘Exploring the roles of canonical and non canonical Notch signalling to target human acute myeloid leukaemia’ will be carried out at the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute for two years, with a grant totaling £94,250.

Olive Boles, CEO of Leuka: “Leuka recognises that early career scientists are innovators and that in order to succeed they need the chance to take risks so they can go on to discover the breakthroughs of tomorrow. Dr Fernando dos Anjos Afonso’s application was strongly recommended to our Board of Trustees by our Independent Scientific Panel – and we are proud to be supporting him at this early stage of his career.”

The John Goldman Fellowship is crucial for me to establish the leukaemia programme at the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute and will allow me to achieve the proposed scientific aims (development of specific target for AML) faster, thus making the foundation for my future funding applications.

Dr Fernando Anjos-Afonso Lecturer


The late John Goldman was a renowned haematologist and a pioneer in the treatment of leukaemia. His influence was worldwide and he mentored scores of scientists and clinicians during his distinguished career. His joy in scientific discovery served as an inspiration to future generations of doctor-researchers. Today, Leuka is continuing his legacy with the John Goldman Fellowships for Future Science awards.

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