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Awards at the EAPC

24 May 2019

Poster Award

Two of our studies recently presented at the EAPC in Berlin won "Best in Category" awards. Our poster on "Avoidable harm: Making decisions about chemotherapy with advanced lung cancer patients" was awarded a rosette for “One of three best poster abstracts included in the communication category”. Ten percent of lung cancer patients are dying within 30 days of chemotherapy,  this poster highlights results from our PACT study, which was undertaken to develop an intervention to support lung cancer patients and their clinicians when considering systemic anti-cancer therapy.

Our second award winning study was a Systematic Review of the Burden of Cancer Treatment Toxicity, which won  “One of three best poster abstracts included in the health economics category”. Over 50% of cancer patients are expected to survive 10 years after diagnosis. Acute and chronic gastrointestinal (GI) toxicity can seriously impact patients’ ability to live a normal life and these toxicities reflect an economic burden to patients, healthcare providers and society as a whole. Whilst evidence is scarce, this review highlights the need to account for both acute and chronic toxicities when comparing the cost-effectiveness of alternative cancer treatments

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