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Operating Department Practitioners teach the public life saving skills

29 May 2019

On Tuesday 14 May 2019 Cardiff University teamed up with National Museum Cardiff to help celebrate Operating Department Practitioners (ODP) day by holding our first pop-up CPR challenge.

The day was held to support and engage the public in becoming familiar with CPR and testing their skills on some of the School’s specialised equipment, just like our Operating Department Practitioner students do when learning about critical care.

The letters CPR stand for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This act helps those who have suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The most important skills are chest compressions to pump blood around the body, and rescue breaths to provide oxygen. The Resuscitation Council (UK) states that currently less than 1 in 10 people in the UK survive a cardiac arrest that occurs out of hospital and the chances of survival can treble if someone having a cardiac arrest is given early CPR and defibrillation.

The day was a success and the general public go to learn and practice a variety of life saving acts such as:

  • Learning about CPR and having a go at chest compressions;
  • Taking a look at a defibrillator and how it should work when needed in action;
  • Practicing on laparoscopic surgical trainers;
  • Practicing the Heimlich Manoeuvre.

The ODP staff and students who were supporting on the day also took part in their own challenge of attempting 5 hours of continuous chest compressions. They succeeded in completing the 5 hours and finished with an astounding 34,634 chest compressions in one sitting.

Craig Griffiths, Operating Department Practice Lecturer said ‘it was fantastic to be able to undertake this challenge in such a magnificent setting as the museum. The day was about celebrating ODPs and engaging with the public. I am so proud of my fellow staff members but particularly our students who have represented us so well today in teaching members of the public how to save a life.

To find out more about Operating Department Practice please visit our website.

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