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Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize 2019

7 May 2019

Dr Rebecca Melen

Dr Rebecca Melen, Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry and EPSRC Early Career Fellow, has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Harrison Meldola Memorial Prize 2019 for outstanding contributions to advancements in main-group Lewis acid mediated transformations.

The Prize is awarded by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in recognition of originality and impact of research, or for contribution to the chemical sciences industry or education. It acknowledges the importance of teamwork across the chemical sciences, and the development of successful collaborations. A maximum of three prize winners are chosen annually by the RSC Awards Working Group and will complete UK lecture tours.

Receiving the award, Dr Melen said: “I am really thrilled to have been selected as a winner of the Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize. It is a great honour to know that my work on main group Lewis acid mediated transformations has been recognised by the Royal Society of Chemistry. This Prize will undoubtedly elevate my profile and also that of main group chemistry which will enable my research and I to gain broader recognition within the wider chemistry and scientific communities.”

Dr Melen’s research is focused on the development of new catalysts that don’t rely on rare, precious transition metals that are inherently toxic and as such heavily regulated. This is paving the way for the development of ‘green’ catalysts which will have a positive impact on a number of global societal issues. With over 85% of chemical products generated through catalytic methods, moving away from transition metals will save money and circumvent the need to use toxic elements.

Previous research by Dr Melen gained her the Clara Immerwahr Award (2016), European Young Researcher Award (2014), and RSC Dalton Young Researcher Award (2013).

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