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1989 & Beyond: The New Shape of Europe

10 April 2019

Prof Mary Heimann

Cardiff historian takes part in UK event taking stock of European developments

Professor of Modern History Mary Heimann takes part this week in a special event with the Czech, Slovak and Polish ambassadors to the UK.

The author of the ground-breaking book Czechoslovakia: The State That Failed is contributing to 1989: Catalyst of Change, the History panel at the Fourth Central European Symposium.

The year 1989 has fully become part of contemporary history. Thirty years after the events, the symposium aims to provide a historical perspective on the ruptures triggered in this decisive year, and evaluate their significance. The panel will discuss how the collapse of the 'second world' affected the states of Central Europe in particular. It will comment on the transformation of the European economic and political order, and how they changed memories, mentalities and expectations.

Cardiff Professor of Law Jiri Priban is taking part in the Law panel roundtable European Union – The View from 2019.

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1989 & Beyond: The New Shape of Europe takes place on 11 April in London.

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