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International visit from University of Campinas

10 April 2019

Professor De Biaggi with Gina Bertorelli and Angharad Croot
Professor De Biaggi with Gina Bertorelli and Angharad Croot

Two professors from the University of Campinas (UniCAMP), Brazil, recently visited the School of Music to share their expertise and lead students in a workshop.

Professors Emerson De Biaggi, specialising in viola and chamber music, and Professor Fernando Hashimoto, specialising in percussion and current Pro-Rector of Extension and Culture, visited the School on Friday 5 April.

Professor De Biaggi gave a lecture-recital on Brazilian works for unaccompanied viola, introducing repertoire from living and recent composers from Brazil, including Marlos Nobre, César Guerra-Peixe, and Ernani Aguiar. As well as showing a diversity of musical styles, Professor De Biaggi aslo shared anecdotes from his experience of meeting some of the composers discussed.

Professor De Biaggi then led two students, Gina Bertorelli and Angharad Croot, in a viola masterclass with performances of movements from Rebecca Clarke’s Viola Sonata.

Dr Cameron Gardner of the School of Music said of the class: “The warmth and sensitivity with which Professor De Biaggi communicated his ideas for improving bowing and projection was in keeping with the cordiality and openness that has grown between our two music institutes.”

Professor De Biaggi with Dr Cameron Gardner, Gina Bertorelli and Angharad Croot
Dr Cameron Gardner with Professor De Biaggi and students Gina Bertorelli and Angharad Croot

The visit was the second to the School of Music from UniCAMP. Professors Jônatas Manzolli from the Department of Music and Mariana Baruco from the Department of Cooperated Arts visited the School in June 2018.

This initial contact included an exciting week of research exchange, composition and performance, with presentations offering opportunities for each respective institute to learn from each other and plan for future visits and collaborations. There were also meetings and talks held between postgraduate and undergraduate composers from the School of Music and Professor Manzolli.

A public presentation closed the week’s events, with Professor Manzolli of UniCAMP and Dr Pedro Faria Gomes from the School of Music discussing recent compositions and sharing recorded extracts.

Coinciding with the most recent visit, the School of Music has written letters of invitation, encouraging further visits from Professors from UniCAMP interested in pursuing closer collaboration in research, performance and composition.

Professor Gardner said of future collaborations “With visitors from UniCAMP spending several weeks at the School in the coming years, more fruitful and longstanding projects will no doubt take place and lead to the possibility of visits for staff and students from the School of Music to UniCAMP.”

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