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Cardiff expert for ESRC advisory role

10 April 2019

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The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has appointed Cardiff University’s Dean of Research, Engagement and Innovation to its Strategic Advisory Network (SAN).

Rick Delbridge, a Professor of Organisational Analysis at Cardiff Business School, will join twenty other members, comprised of leading experts from the academic and user communities, to support the ESRC to exploit opportunities and access the voice and expertise of its communities.

The Network is a flexible resource, enabling the Executive to obtain the advice it needs in a timely manner, drawing on a range of perspectives from across our key stakeholder groups including academia, business, third sector and Government.

“Social science lies at the heart of understanding how society works and is integral to our future health, wealth and prosperity. The ESRC plays a vital role in the funding of economic and social research, and in training the next generation of researchers.”

Professor Rick Delbridge Professor of Organizational Analysis

“To support this mission as a part of their Strategic Advisory Network, and alongside a diverse membership of experts, is a privilege,” he added.

The SAN provides:

  • detailed expert support and advice including on the design of strategies and schemes, investment management, pre- and post-award, and interventions
  • a broad perspective of advice on issues, proposals and decisions, including feedback on views within our various stakeholder groups
  • access to a pool of academic and user experts to whom the office can turn to for ad-hoc advice and advocacy and to test out new ideas
  • provision of input into general policy advice

Among the newly appointed SAN members joining Professor Delbridge are independent consultants, government representatives, legal professional and academics from across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A full list of the twenty-one new appointments is available on the ESRC website.

New members will take up their appointments on 1 April 2019.

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