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Professor Anne Rosser, a new era of Huntington's Disease research

9 April 2019

Anne Rosser
Anne Rosser, Steve Dunnett and co-workers, 2017

Professor Anne Rosser, European Huntington's Disease Network (EHDN) Chair, gives a comprehensive interview on a new era in Huntington's Disease Research.

Professor Rosser is co-director of the Brain Repair Group at Cardiff University School of Biosciences, Clinical Director of the Cardiff Fetal Tissue Bank and heads the South Wales clinical neurology service for Huntington's Disease (HD). With a wealth of experience in the field, working with HD patients since 1994, Anne discusses the momentum she has seen building over the years.

In an interview with EHDN, Anne goes into detail on the challenges she faces, how she came to specialise in HD, the current status of transplantation therapies and HD as a model for neurodegenerative diseases in general.

In the article she highlights Cardiff University's status as an important reference centre for HD and its strength in the field of neuroscience, especially given that Professor Peter Harper a clinical geneticist who worked at Cardiff University for many years, along with Professor Lesley Jones were both part of the consortium that discovered the HD gene.

To read the full interview here.

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