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Introducing Andrea Drobna

5 March 2019

Andrea Drobna 2
Andrea Drobna

The Community Gateway team is very pleased to introduce our new Student Ambassador Andrea Drobna who will be working with for the next six months.

Hello everyone! My name is Andrea Drobna, and I am your new Community Gateway student ambassador. Before coming to Cardiff, I lived in the windy city of Chicago for 15 years, and then in the Czech Republic for another 4.

In my free time I love cooking and playing volleyball, and I am a member of the Cardiff University Women’s first team competing in the BUCS league. I am currently in my second year studying media, journalism and cultural studies, with hopes to go into a career related to PR, marketing, and social media management.

I first heard about Community Gateway through one of my close friends Flory Dao, who was working with the team through the Cardiff University Research Opportunities program. As she was telling me about what Community Gateway does to help the area of Grangetown I was immediately intrigued, and hoped to somehow get involved in the project in the following academic year.

At the start of October, I started working with the Classrooms Experience Project which gives students the opportunity to volunteer in schools around Cardiff, helping those who are struggling in lessons due to their language barrier. I was placed at a school at the heart of Grangetown, Ninian Park Primary School, and I absolutely loved my time there.

Throughout my volunteering experience I got to know many of the students and parents who are a vital part of the Grangetown and became part of a part of an amazing community. I was extremely grateful to apply to become a student ambassador back in January, and since February I have been a permanent member of the Community Gateway team. I love having the opportunity to take part in a project that I am passionate about, helping a lovely and diverse community grow and develop.

One of my main aims is to give a voice to more local businesses and residents, highlighting all the amazing improvements that have already been implemented in Grangetown.  I aspire to get more students from the University involved in various volunteering and fundraising projects, bridging the gap between Grangetown and Cardiff University. I look forward to hearing from anyone that wants to get involved with the project, so please don’t hesitate to contact me on our social media sites!

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