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New course for documentary film-makers

7 February 2019

Documentary producer Dr Janet Harris (left), pictured in Iraq in 2003.
Documentary producer Dr Janet Harris (left), pictured in Iraq in 2003.

Cardiff University has launched a hands-on documentary course for aspiring film-makers.

MA Digital Documentaries will provide graduates with the skills to integrate both the theory and production of documentary practice to turn their ideas into innovative films.

In recent years the documentary has proven to be a successful and evolving format with growing demand from streaming services, online news organisations and the movie industry.

The most exciting field in modern media

Leading the course at the School of Journalism, Media and Culture will be ex-BBC documentary producer Dr Janet Harris, who made documentaries in Iraq, and the UK on subjects ranging from war to learning to fly.  Her extensive career both in the BBC and as a freelance Producer/Director will ensure students are taught practical, real-world film-making.

Dr Harris said “The marketplace for online documentaries has grown enormously with traditional media nationally such as the Financial Times, The Economist, The Guardian and internationally with the New York Times, Al Jazeera and Der Spiegel. The market in China has also grown enormously.”

Dr Harris explains why documentaries are in such high demand.

“Documentaries have found huge success with new media platforms such as Amazon Prime with their docu-series All or Nothing: Manchester City and also Netflix with Making a Murderer.”

“If you’ve got a passion for film-making, for storytelling, for investigating or for hearing other people that you don’t normally hear then documentaries is the place to be. I think it’s artistically, creatively and journalistically the most exciting field there is in media.”

Further information and the applications link can be found on MA Digital Documentaries' course page. The course begins this September and applications are now open. Applicants can contact Dr Harris directly for further information.

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