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6th Public Uni event sees academics present their research in bite-size chunks

10 August 2015

Five academics from Cardiff University’s Arts, Humanities and Social Science disciplines presented their research at the 6th Public Uni event held at Chapter Arts Centre, Thursday 6 August 2015.

The evening’s topics included the rise and fall of piracy and the limitations of the law in tackling workplace discrimination with Dr Christian Bueger and Dr Roseanne Russell from the School of Law and Politics. Dr Simon Brodbeck and David Colwill from the School of History, Archaeology and Religion spoke on the role of Hare Krishna in Sanskrit literature and Rome’s destruction of Carthage, or genocide in the Ancient World, respectively. The final participant was Dr Julian Gould-Williams from Cardiff Business School who spoke about his research on leadership in times of hardship.

More than 50 people were in attendance which stimulated a lively discussion following the presentations.

Speaking about the event, moderator Dr Marco Hauptmeier from Cardiff Business School, said: “The Public Uni series has become a great opportunity for academics from across the University to distil their research into engaging, bite-size chunks and share it with a public audience. There is so much great work going on which has important social, political or economic impact and we want to share that beyond the corridors of academia.

“We are already planning the next event on October 15 and hope to see more people come along and hear what’s going on and ask questions. It’s a really fun, informal evening and everyone is welcome.”

The Public Uni series, organised by Dr Marco Hauptmeier from Cardiff Business School and Harriet Lloyd from the School of English, Communication & Philosophy, gives researchers the opportunity to present their ideas and findings to the public in short 10-minute segments. The informal setting and relaxed atmosphere helps to make the research more accessible to audiences outside of the academic arena. Each event highlights the breadth and depth of the exciting research undertaken at Cardiff University.

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