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Hadyn Ellis Distinguished Lecture

30 November 2018

Lord Heseltine

Former Deputy Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Lord Michael Heseltine has delivered this year’s Hadyn Ellis Distinguished Lecture.

Speaking to a packed auditorium at Cardiff University, Brexit: An Update, saw him criticise Theresa May’s handling of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and call for a second referendum.

“The British people were deceived about the consequences of leaving the European Union,” he said.

“A younger generation feel betrayed by an older generation who, in the way of things, will not be around to live with the consequences.

“The best outcome now available for the majority of MPs who deplore the emerging consequences is to put the decision back to the British people.”  

The Hadyn Ellis Distinguished Lecture Series occurs once a year in memory of the former Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University, Professor Hadyn Ellis CBE. Professor Ellis innovated in the discipline of cognitive neuropsychiatry and played a key role in establishing Cardiff University as one of the leading research universities in the UK.

Lord Heseltine, who spoke on the day government analysis suggested that the UK will be worse off under any form of Brexit, said: “The reality of the Brexit deal is that it is a deal built of straw with no clay; generalisation and no substance.”

MPs are due to vote on Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal on December 11.

He added: “It is very difficult to list threats that face this Nation that are not shared by our European colleagues.

“It is even harder to list threats of any scale where we can resist such threats more effectively on our own than in partnership with our European colleagues.

“Empty words don’t feed hungry throats. The future position, influence and prosperity of our country now lies with Members of Parliament. It is the most momentous decision they will ever have to take. I hope and pray they rise to the challenge.”

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