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A bright future

23 November 2018

Students Karma Albalawi and Eman Alwattar

Research by two of our PhD students has resulted in a potential patentable application.

School of Chemistry PhD students, Karma Albalawi from Tabuk University, and Eman Alwattar from Al-Iraqia Medical University, are working on research into photochemically fading dyes using one of the brightest white LEDs in use at Cardiff University.

This research, under the supervision of Dr Buurma, has resulted in an invention with a highly interesting potential for impact in forensics.

Karma is sponsored by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Higher Education, and Eman is sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq.

The group is now exploring the impact on forensics, looking at both the underlying fundamental processes, and the potential applications, with the hope of developing a patentable application.

The development of this application in forensics is underpinned by fundamental research on photochemical fading of the organic dyes of interest. Therefore, the further development of the invention involves mechanistic studies employing a combination of biophysical chemistry, physical organic chemistry and photochemistry as well as the development of new scientific instrumentation.

With regard to the development of the scientific instrumentation, the group is collaborating with Dr Beames, who is a leading expert in the development and use of sensitive spectrometers.

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