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Professor named a 'diamond of chemistry'

9 November 2018

Angela Casini receiving Burghausen Chemistry Award

Professor Angela Casini, Chair of Medicinal and Bioinorganic Chemistry at Cardiff University School of Chemistry, has been awarded the Burghausen Chemistry Award by the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Also known as the ‘diamond of chemistry award’, the prize is awarded in acknowledgment of chemical and industrial innovation, and includes a reward of 20,000 euros.

Angela received the accolade in recognition of her outstanding scientific achievements in the field of bio-organic, organo-metallic and medicinal chemistry. Her internationally recognised research studies the effects of metal ions in medicine, and she is currently focusing on gold-based therapeutic agents, as well as the potential use of metal-based compounds in chemical biology, drug delivery, cancer treatment and physiology.

President of the TUM Science and Study Centre, Professor Dr Wolfgang A Herrmann, said: “The particularly pronounced interdisciplinarity shown by Angela Casini has created a link from chemical research to medical research, and has activated interaction potentials which were largely undiscovered until this point."

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