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Prime Viewing at the Huxley Meeting

4 October 2014

Between 17-19 September Cardiff University School of Mathematics hosted The Huxley Meeting On Analytic Number Theory.  

The three day conference featured talks by many prominent number theorists, with recent breakthroughs on the gaps between prime numbers playing a prominent role. Speakers at the conference included Jose A. Adell (Zaragoza) Antal Balog (Renyi), Mark Coffey (Colorado), Ben Green (Oxford}, Roger Heath-Brown (Oxford), Christopher Hooley (Bristol),  Jens Marklof (Bristol), James Maynard (Montreal and Oxford), Nina Snaith (Bristol), Igor Wigman (Kings College London), Trevor Wooley (Bristol) and of course Martin Huxley himself.

The talk opened with a rousing speech by former Head of School, Professor Russell Davies. At the Conference Dinner another former Head of School, Professor Christopher Hooley, paid tribute to Professor Martin Huxley’s many achievements during the course of his academic career as a leading number theorist.

The opening session is pictured below with Profs Martin Huxley and Russell Davies sitting in the centre of the second row.

Cardiff School of Mathematics Newsletter October 2014

Seminar opening session

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