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The End of British Party Politics?

7 June 2018

Professor Roger Awan-Scully stands speaks in front of a busy room at a launch event.
Professor Roger Awan-Scully speaks to a full crowd at the launch event for his book, "The End of British Party Politics?".

It was standing room only at the University as the Wales Governance Centre’s Professor Roger Awan-Scully launched his new book, "The End of British Party Politics?"

Professor Awan-Scully was joined by the BBC’s Felicity Evans for a question and answer session.

The packed audience heard how electoral choices across Britain have become increasingly differentiated along national lines over much of the last half-century.

In 2017, for the second general election in a row, four different parties came first in the UK’s four nations.

The prominent political scientist outlined how UK voters now face fundamentally different, and largely disconnected sets of political choices, and the implications of this for the future of Wales and the UK.

More about the book.

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