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Welsh for All

30 July 2015

First minister, Carwyn Jones, launches Welsh for All scheme to help students learn Welsh
First minister, Carwyn Jones, launched Welsh for All scheme to help students learn Welsh

New university language learning scheme offers Welsh for All

A new scheme aimed at offering students at Cardiff University the opportunity to learn Welsh alongside their studies completely free of charge will be launched at the National Eisteddfod by First Minister Carwyn Jones AM.

From October 2015, the University’s new Welsh for All scheme will offer students across all academic disciplines the opportunity to learn Welsh.

Students will be taught in groups and will have access to a range of online resources to help develop their language skills.

A language awareness resource will also be available to students which will allow them to develop their understanding of the status of the Welsh language today.

Following the first Welsh for All intake – focused on beginner-level tuition – the initiative will be developed to cater for all ability levels.

Welsh for All will complement the University’s existing routes to Welsh learning, which include Welsh for Adults, the Welsh Language Sabbatical Scheme for teachers and teaching assistants (funded by the Welsh Government), and the Welsh Language Skills Certificate from the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol. The new initiative extends the provision for internal audiences and will be a dedicated programme for students only.

The School of Welsh has a long history of providing innovative opportunities to learn Welsh and about Welsh culture. One such opportunity sees students from Colgate University, New York, come to Cardiff every year where, in addition to their own degree subjects, they are able to study modules at the School of Welsh.

Welsh for All will be formally launched at the National Eisteddfod (3 August) by the First Minister.

He said: “It is important that students have the opportunity to access Welsh learning courses and enjoy our culture.  In fact, many will go on to be ambassadors for Wales long after leaving University.

“Students coming to Cardiff will I’m sure enjoy the opportunity to learn the language and socialise with other students through the medium of Welsh.  I’d like to congratulate Cardiff University on the pioneering ‘Cymraeg I Bawb’ scheme.”

Professor Sioned Davies, Head of the School of Welsh at Cardiff University, said: “As a School we’re committed to increasing the numbers of students across the University who have the opportunity to learn Welsh. This scheme is another example of us leading the way by delivering greater opportunities for students to learn a language alongside their regular studies.

“We’re confident that the language skills students will develop through Welsh for All will be of huge benefit; particularly for those who plan to live and work in Wales. Graduation destination figures for 2013/2014 show that 42% of graduates secured employment in Wales, and clearly the demand for Welsh language skills is growing.”