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Dr Oriel Prizeman visits Rakhigarhi with seedcorn funding

24 February 2017

Dr Oriel Prizeman

Dr Oriel Prizeman won Cardiff University seedcorn funding to visit Rakhigarhi in Northern Haryana, India, a site compounded of two villages, Rakhi and Garhi, sitting amongst what is believed to be the largest ancient Harappan archaeological site ever found.

She was invited by Dr Pilar Guerierri of GD Goenka University and the Indian Trust for Rural Heritage Development, who have a long term plan for the sustainable development of the village.

At Rakhigarhi she worked alongside architecture students of GD Goenka University and made a digital model using the Welsh School of Architecture’s laser scanner, a fly through of which can be viewed on Youtube.

Subsequently, she and Dr Guerierri were invited by the president of the Haryana chapter of the Indian Trust for Cultural Heritage, Dr Shikha Jain, to present at a roundtable event in Delhi headlined by eminent archaeologist, Professor Vasant Shinde, Vice-Chancellor of Deccan College. The proceedings were reported in the Times of India.

At the behest of Dr Shikha Jain, she also spoke to Conservation students at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi – with whom the School of Architecture has a memorandum of understanding – about digital tools for conservation.

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