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Parkinson’s patients welcomed to Cardiff University

13 June 2018

Emma Lane discussing research with Parkinson's patients during the round table discussions

On 23rd May Dr Emma Lane of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences took part in hosting the Cardiff leg of the Parkinson’s UK Research Roadshow. This nationwide event invites Parkinson’s patients and their families to visit leading research facilities to learn about the cutting edge work being done into understanding, treating, and one day curing the disease. Cardiff University hosted the event in their Hayden Ellis building, and were delighted to welcome over 100 attendees.

The main focus for the day was the dialogue between patients and researchers. Following a questionnaire of over 500 people, Dr. Lane explained that there was a clear message saying that patients are more than willing to participate in research. This patient participation is hugely beneficial to researchers, looking to move the treatment of Parkinson’s along.

Tom Phipps
Tom Phipps, giving his talk, entitled, "Research participation - the trials of a guinea pig."

Dr. Lane, who is a Senior Lecturer in Neuropharmacology and BRAIN Unit Principal Investigator, also spoke about some of her own research, specifically the transplantation of cells. There were other talks, including Tom Phipps from Bristol and District Branch Parkinson’s UK, who spoke about the experience of patients participating in research.

The day was a mixture of talks, stands, Q&As and round tables, where patients were able to talk on a less formal basis to the researchers. Upon evaluation of the day, 92.5% of the attendees classed the event as excellent/very good, with over 50% signing up to take part in research or initiatives spoken about on the day.

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