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Cardiff academics to edit new ground-breaking book series on Law and History

7 June 2018

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A group of Law academics from the School of Law and Politics are seeking proposals for a new book series which aims to place the historical study of law at the heart of the law curriculum.

The series, published by Routledge, will be edited by Dr Lydia Hayes, Dr Katie Richards, Dr Russell Sandberg and Dr Sharon Thompson of the Law and History research group which is part of the Centre of Law and Society.

The series is designed to showcase scholarship which uses historical theory, approaches or methods to analyse law and legal change and is aimed, not exclusively at legal historians but at general legal readership, exploring and expanding the historical dimension of key fields of legal scholarship.

Dr Sandberg, Head of Law commented, “A historical approach enables an understanding of social and legal change and the complex relationship between change and continuity. Indeed, a historical approach is necessarily subversive. It forces law students and scholars to rethink their assumptions about law and legal institutions. It shows that every dividing line drawn in the law is arbitrary, human-made and a product of the society in which it is formed.”

“I’m delighted to be working with colleagues – whose research achievements cover a number of areas of law – on this ambitious series which will provide a home for bold and innovative work which uses history to shed new light upon law. Given the rise of interdisciplinary work in law schools, heralded by Cardiff’s Journal of Law and Society, the case for placing a historical approach at the centre of legal research and teaching is long overdue. It is about time”

All proposals for publishing within this series can be directed to Dr Russell Sandberg

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