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Celebrating our community

9 July 2015

Grangetown houses

Health, prosperity and wellbeing are the focus of a University project which is teaming up with several communities in Cardiff

Strong Communities, Healthier People holds its local Cardiff launch, entitled Celebrating Our Community, at the Riverside Warehouse on Friday 10 July. Activities will also take place at the Wyndham Street Centre in Riverside.

The University is working closely with residents and community groups in the Communities First area of Butetown, Riverside and Grangetown.

Communities First is the Welsh Government's flagship programme designed to improve living conditions and prospects of people in the most economically disadvantaged communities across Wales.

The University's focus will be on improving health and wellbeing and fighting poverty.

The Strong Communities, Healthier People team will listen to people's views about their communities and work with them to find solutions to tackle some of the issues raised.

The project will play a key role in a new Welsh Government scheme using culture to help fight poverty.

A similar launch event was held last week in Merthyr Tydfil, where the project is teaming up with residents in the North Merthyr area of Gurnos, Penydarren and Dowlais.

The Cardiff launch takes place at the Riverside Warehouse from 2-8pm and features activities including a pop-up museum, art workshop, 3D printer and maggot racing.

Visitors will also be able to find out more about the University's Community Gateway project, which works with the Grangetown community.

The Wyndham Street Centre will be hosting activities too, including a talk about putting research into action and a food co-op.

Strong Communities, Healthier People and Community Gateway are two of the University's five flagship engagement projects, otherwise known as its Transforming Communities programme.

The University is working with Welsh Government and communities in Cardiff, Wales and beyond in areas including health, education and wellbeing.

This includes supporting the Cardiff Capital Region, connecting communities through hyperlocal websites, building community engagement models and helping achieve the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals.