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PechaKucha prize-winner

22 May 2018

Dr Eleri Rosier presenting at CABS conference
“The icing on the cake!” Dr Eleri Rosier presents, PechaKucha style.

A Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Strategy has won the Best PechaKucha Presentation Competition at the 2018 Chartered Association of Business Schools' Learning, Teaching and Student Experience (LTSE) Conference in Glasgow.

Dr Eleri Rosier delivered a twenty slide presentation in six minutes in a style known as PechaKucha designed to keep talks concise, fast-paced and enable multiple-speaker sessions.

Her presentation, entitled Live marketing projects and student engagement: the development of graduate employability skills, was based on a Cardiff University Student Education Innovation Project (CUSEIP) completed in collaboration with Thi Anh Minh Tran, a final year BSc Business Management student in July and August 2017.

Thi Anh Minh Tran's poster presentation
Thi Anh Minh Tran, who is following the International Management pathway of the BSc Business Management, with her poster presentation on the CUSEIP.

The project gave Thi Anh a unique opportunity to shadow the flagship community-led projects within Cardiff University’s Community Gateway.

With support from Dr Rosier, Thi Anh documented and critically reflected on the process offering valuable feedback and guidance for future live-project proposals and company-community partnership working.

Reflecting on her presentation, Dr Rosier said: “Twenty slides in six minutes was quite a challenge. What I really wanted to highlight though was the development of students' employability skills within live marketing projects...”

“Our results showed significant changes in students' perceptions of their skills over time. And that has really been a key motivator for us championing this type of challenge-based learning environment on our MSc in Strategic Marketing in particular.”

Professor Eleri Rosier Professor of Marketing and Strategy

“To come away from LTSE as a winner is, of course, the icing on the cake!”

The UK's leading gathering of business and management educators, LTSE showcases innovative teaching practice and cutting-edge pedagogic research.

Taking place for the seventh successive year LTSE 2018 attracted over 300 participants with over 80% of the UK's business schools represented.

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