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Urban water systems management: a data analytics approach

23 May 2018

Urban water systems management image

Urban water systems management: a data analytics approach

The adoption of new Information Communication Technology (ICT) to enable water network operators to intelligently monitor, analyse real-time information, and take appropriate actions, is seen as a key way of reducing the strain on urban water systems.

To this end, the water industry have begun a transformation through the use of smart systems. A big part of this is the increased adoption of sensors analytics software, and decision support tools. However, current smart systems technologies are severely lacking in integration between their different elements. Furthermore, they lack the ability to contextualise the large amount of data collected from urban water systems in a way that promotes scalability, portability and future adaptability.

This publication proposes an intelligent systems using the Internet Of Things, AI and the semantic web, to achieve an efficient and scalable use of large scale data in urban water systems.

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