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First feature film for Welsh writer

23 June 2015

A Welsh writer, who teaches at Cardiff University, is to see his first feature film hit the big screen this year.

Crow is from the pen of scriptwriter and playwright Tim Rhys, adapted from his stageplay Stone the Crows.

Written and made in Wales, the supernatural thriller stars Andrew Howard (Taken 3), Nick Moran (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Danny Webb (Alien 3). Young Welsh talent Tom Rhys Harries takes the title role in the Spinning Head production.

Beginning life among a tribe of outcast travellers Crow (Tom Rhys Harries) is uprooted first by a police raid and then by gangsters in this tense thriller. What do you do when your world is threatened? How far would you go when all you hold dear is threatened to its very core?

Professional playwright and script writer Tim Rhys has penned scripts for theatre, radio and TV. He teaches Creative Writing at the University's School of English, Communication and Philosophy.

'It'll be very exciting to see my first feature film going into cinemas – and with such a great cast,' says writer Tim. 'It felt strange standing in Merthyr Mawr woods, watching two of my invented characters brought to life by Nick Moran and Andrew Howard."

Shot across South Wales and directed by Wyndham Price (who also co-wrote the screen adaptation), Crow will premiere in London's West End this summer before screening nationwide in early 2016.

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