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Discussing data

13 April 2018

Data event

The digital revolution is here and in our fast growing digital economy, data is a vital resource for the use and evolution of the machine-learning and advanced analytics that convert digital data into valuable business and social impacts.

Speakers from industry and academia will explore some of these themes and share some of the latest developments at the Cardiff University ‘Data science and analytics: skills gaps and innovation opportunities’ event on Wednesday 18 April 2018.

Prof Roger Whitaker, Dean of Research Physical Sciences and Engineering, Cardiff University said: “With industries producing vast amounts of data, there is an increased need for skills and technologies to manage, store, analyse and understand this information. Businesses, universities and governments have to work together to craft practical solutions that meet needs now and continue to develop for the future.”

While reports such as Nesta’s ‘Skills of the Datavores’ found that data-driven companies are more than 10 percent more productive than ‘dataphobes’. It also highlighted the skills shortage and the inability of these ‘Datavores’ – companies who make heavy use of data for driving business decisions – to recruit. Alongside this skills gap, the work of academics and other public bodies like the Tech Partnership, the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), the Nuield Foundation, the British Academy and the DataLab in Scotland presents incredibly powerful evidence showing a strong link between data, business innovation and productivity. techUK analysis reveals the UK could create between 2.7 and 3.5 million new jobs by 2030, all requiring digital skills.

David Johnson, Deputy Director, Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange, Data Science Campus, ONS said: “The continually changing landscape with new technologies, the availability of new data sources and the ever-increasing speed of adoption means the UK needs to understand and adapt to compete.

“The Data Science Campus at the Office for National Statistics was created to respond to this challenge, to use new data sources and technologies to provide richer and more real-time statistics for policy makers and businesses about the fast-moving UK economy and society and inform their decisions.

“This event is an opportunity to exchange data science knowledge with the business community through our partnership with Cardiff University”

Attendance at this event is free, but booking is required. Places will be allocated on a first come basis. Book your place here.

The event is organised by the University’s Innovation Network, which has promoted business-university interactions for over two decades. Its annual Innovation & Impact Awards celebrate their 20th anniversary this summer.

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