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Walking the Tightrope - Maximising Performance

16 March 2018

Speakers from the Maxmising Performance Event
From left to right: Sam Warburton OBE, Andy McCann, Becky James, Nigel Redman, David Radford Wilson MBE, Dr Mark Stacey, Dr Paul Thomas, Steve Eaton

The CUREMeDE team were fortunate enough to be able to attend the Wales Deanery’s “Maximising Your Performance – Walking the Tightrope” event on 15 February 2018.

This one-off event was hosted by Dr Mark Stacey and Andy McCann from DNA Definitive and looked at maximising performance through human factors training and improved teaching and learning.

12 highly motivating speakers presented on a variety of topics including performance nutrition, providing effective feedback, leadership and optimising performance.

Speakers included Professor Dr Paul Thomas on embracing trust, risk, and creativity, Nigel Redman (British Swimming coach), spoke about the importance of effective relationships and Dr Tom Hughes discussed the role of doctors as historians.

Highlights included:

  • David Radford Wilson MBE, who led the British military expedition to climb the West Ridge and North Face of Mount Everest, talking about the importance of passion for your work, choosing the right team and goal setting
  • Two-time Olympic silver medallist Becky James discussed dealing with setbacks and emotional regulation
  • Sam Warburton, Wales Rugby Captain, discussed leadership and how to navigate work and home life

All in all it was a really inspiring event and we hope the Wales Deanery will host similar events in the future.

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