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NMHRI hold science club event for primary school

17 June 2015

Image of primary school child pipetting food dye

The Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute (NMHRI) were joined today by budding scientists from All Saints Church Primary School. 

Previously two members from the NMHRI visited the school to give the children a lunch time science club session all about the brain. During the science club the children discovered all about different parts of the brain, what they do and what implications this has on brain size in different animals. 

Today, the children visited us here at the Research Institute and joined us for a variety of practicals. Smartly dressed in their new lab coats, they were shown various different samples including flies under a microscope, how to pipette food dye, how to extract DNA from garden peas and they even designed their own animal using their knowledge of the brain to determine what size the different brain regions would have to be for the animal to function.

A fantastic day was had by all.


For more information about how your school can become involved with these science club sessions, please contact:

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