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Third Grangetown World Market delivered by community members

14 March 2018

Grangetown World Market 10 March

The third Grangetown World Market was held in the grounds of St Patrick’s Primary School on Saturday 10th March.

Members of Grangetown Community Action worked closely with two Cardiff University student volunteers and two local volunteers to deliver the market, consisting of 14 stalls and three activities.  Over 150 visitors were treated to live music from local band Art Bandini while they perused the stalls selling high quality jewellery, cosmetics, skin care, fare trade chocolate, bread and savoury snacks, fine art prints and excellent quality food and drink.  Activities for children included preparing a nature garden with RSPB Cymru, making pots and figurines with a ceramicist and hook a duck!

The market is one element of a Shop Local campaign; an idea put forward by Grangetown resident Steve Duffy at the 2015 Love Grangetown event.  Students from Cardiff University Business School were involved in a live teaching project, lead by Eleri Rossier, and tasked to develop ideas for a shop local campaign, to include both printed materials and events.  Ideas were presented back to the community and, with the support of Community Gateway, three significant projects were delivered within the community; the Grangetown Business Forum, the Grangetown Business Map and the Grangetown World Market.

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