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Professor Emma Renold joins Welsh Government in launching #THISISME campaign

2 February 2018

Little girl playing with truck

Emma Renold, Professor of Childhood Studies at the School of Social Sciences, was part of a stakeholder group that helped develop the recently launched Welsh Government #THISISME campaign.

The TV, radio and online adverts show people in situations which challenge current ideas of gender norms in society. A man working as a midwife, a woman working as a mechanic, a young man expertly applying make-up and a girl playing with a truck, covered in mud.

The THIS IS ME website says of the campaign: “Our gender can have an impact on how safe we feel, where we feel we can go, what job we feel we can apply for and other people’s expectations of us.

“The THIS IS ME campaign recognises that we are all so much more than just our gender. […] Everyone in Wales deserves to live fear free of gender stereotypes – to be whoever they want to be and reach their full potential.”

One of the resources highlighted by the THIS IS ME campaign is AGENDA, Professor Renold's free online toolkit which provides ideas, guidance, and instructions for activist projects and support for young people looking to engage with these issues safely, creatively and effectively.

Of the campaign, Professor Renold said: “Safely and creatively challenging the impact of gender norms is at the heart of how to address all forms of gender based and sexual violence. This involves working together to make gender equity and equality a reality for all.”

THIS IS ME has been developed in partnership with expert stakeholders and survivors who are part of the Welsh Government’s Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Communications Group. This includes representatives from Welsh Women’s Aid, Cardiff University, the police, Safer Wales and Bawso.

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