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CITER Soc Annual Scientific Workshop

19 December 2017

CITER Soc which is the student association of CITER and is driven by the postgraduate members, organises a wide range of events throughout the year. The main event is an annual schools’ scientific workshop for local sixth form schools which covers a range of topics including tissue engineering in medicine and is targeted at A Level students studying science.

This years workshop took place on December 13 at the school of Optometry and Vision Sciences. The workshop theme was Lessons from Nature: Bugs, Worms and Leaves. There were over one hundred attendees including students and teachers from four Secondary schools across Cardiff, CITER members and guest speakers both internal and external to Cardiff University.

A range of scientific talks were delivered by leaders in novel areas of cutting edge science including "Life that Sparkles", "Using honey to treat wounds" and "Modern Maggots for Would Healing". Glen Gaudette a Professor in Biomedical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, United States delivered a session demonstrating how the veins in spinach leaves are remarkably similar to the veins and arteries in human hearts.

During the afternoon lunch and break times a variety of CITER's engagement activities were demonstrated including the operation man, maggot racing, suturing and the glasses which shows a variety of eye defects.

The afternoon was a great success, some of the feedback includes "very interesting" and "a wonderful opportunity".

The CITER Soc is currently looking for new members to join, if you would like to part of this committee please email:

CITER office

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