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Living history - student steps back in time to the Tudor era

29 October 2014

Loti Flowers, a student from Crynant near Neath, will be swapping the life of a University student for that of a kitchen maid in the Tudor era with a new S4C living history programme, Y Llys.

Loti, who is 20 years old, will spend three weeks living as if it is the year 1525 with 16 other people in Tretower in the Brecon Beacons. The aim is to live like they would have at the time and without the luxuries and conveniences of the 21st Century.

A third year student studying Welsh and English Literature, Loti is excited by the prospect of a new and unknown experience. She hopes that it is a positive experience and one which will help with her career ambition of working in broadcast media.

Loti said: "I'm incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to step back in time in this way, to live with new people and experience a life completely different to that which I currently know.

"The worst thing will be the lack of contact with the outside world but material things such as my hairdryer and social media won't matter to me. However, having said that I probably will miss my makeup!" Professor Sioned Davies, Head of the School of Welsh, added: "I have no doubt that this will be an important and valuable experience for Loti, as well as a boost to her future employability in her chosen field, the media. Students at the School of Welsh in Cardiff are an adventurous and curious bunch and this is a truly unique opportunity to experience what Welsh life and community was like centuries ago."

The programme will be broadcast on Saturday, November 1st.

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